Bloody hell! Itís like being pinched by a couple of angry crabs. You think to yourself. Of course your grimaces are mistaken for your sex-face so the torture continues; has he leaned his Ďskillí by squeezing lumps of blue tack between his thumb and forefinger? Finally the pincers release their grip; of course you canít sigh with relief just in case it is taken as a sign of disappointment and the clamps again once again tighten.

Is there is Birthday cake in here, because it seems like he is trying to blow out some candles or something. You think next. A quick and covert look around the room reveals no naked flames, yet the cool air does feel quite good against your red hot and red raw skin. The refreshing breeze stops all too soon and you wonder what could possibly be next.

Youíre not going to get very good reception on those. Itís almost funny; you stifle a laugh because as much as these heavy handed and bizarre attempts at stimulating are you donít want to hurt his feelings. But, twisting away on the things like he is trying to find Radio 1 is quite hilarious to you.

Yes Iím talking about the elusive art of nipple arousal/stimulation; sex scholars maintain that the art was lost around 80 years ago after the invention of the televisionÖIím joking around of course, but nipple-play (or whatever you choose to call it) doesnít receive the attention it deserves. All too often men donít know what they are doing and are too shy to ask and women know what they want and are too afraid to say so. If people opened their mouths as quick as they opened their legs (or flyís when it come to men) when it came to sex we would all be a lot happier.

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