Last week a couple in Burton, Michigan in the US, were arrested for having sex outside a well known fast food American fast food chain, Wendy’s. Police were called to the restaurant after someone inside noticed to couple getting jiggy in the Chevy Astro van in the parking lot…classy. There was no bumper sticker on the fan stating “If the van is rocking, don’t come a knocking”, so police went ahead and arrested the couple.

Burton Det. Shawn Duncanson said when officers arrived they had to order the couple to put their clothes on as they were still naked inside the van. “It happens quite often, but not normally in the daytime,” said Det. Duncanson. What are they putting in the food in that Wendy’s? Are they serving Viagra-laced milkshakes? It seems like the perfect strategy to put people off their fast food; maybe Jamie Oliver has been doing it wrong all this time. Maybe he should get a van, get naked and bounce around in it outside a McDonalds

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