You canít get me out from under the covers these days, and when I am out of bed I canít wait to get back in there; while spending that much time in bed getting frisky is an attractive prospect, that is not the reason I have been spending so much time between the sheets recently. Itís because itís so damn cold, itís bloody freezing all the damn time and there is no end in sight. Its official winter sucks.

Low temperatures are a total turn off; you and your partner are trying so desperately to warm up against each other, itís less like sex and more like rubbing two dry sticks together trying to start a fire. In this horrid icy weather, we all need some heat back in our lives and like many others I would love to be whisked away to a tropical paradise to feel the warm rays of the sun against my naked skin, but there is fat chance of that.

Well itís time to improvise and create a tropical paradise of your own. Light some candles with fruity, sweet scents, decorate the room with some tropical flowers and some gorgeous scarves draped around and bring in a large bowl of exotic fruit. Donít forget the final key ingredient Passate Tropical Flavour condoms; in mango, pineapple and coconut flavour, you can bring a taster of the tropics into the bedroom. As well as scrummy, Passate Tropicals are teat-ended, regular shape condoms that are suitable for oral, vaginal or anal sex.

Who need the Caribbean?