Seven years ago when I was at college I took a life drawing class; I thought combining the naked human form and art together would be a beautiful and liberating experience. How wrong I was.

First the female model took centre stage and de-robed; cue half an hour of giggling and exaggerated sex stimulation with artist easels from every male in the room. With their moves the easels would surely be faking it. Next came the male model; Iíve never wanted to see a naked man (never mind stare at it intently) less. I was destined to be turned off for life; Iíd say I could have gone lesbian, but the pendulum tits of the female model put me right off that too.

Thankfully I have found a non-traumatising way to combine are ant the human form; thanks Funkycondom.

The Lovers Body Pen Set, with delicious strawberry and chocolate flavours, you can draw erotic drawings on your lover and use your tongue as the eraser. Or if paint is your art medium of choice go for the Saucy and Sexy Chocolate Body Paint and with some delicate brush strokes turn your lover into a work of art. Just donít get to carried away with the art and forget about the body, because thatís definitely the best part.

Thinking I would be turned off for life was obviously an over exaggeration, but I have always been sure to wear a good bra since being confronted with boobs that could get caught in the zipper of her trousersÖ