Sometimes men seem to get a bit of a raw deal when it comes to sex. They are expected to have the stamina of a marathon runner, find the (possibly mythical) G-spot while stimulating the clitoris and caress the nipples, and while they are doing all this they are expected to find a free hand to expertly find, unwrap and correctly apply a condom.

So thinking about it, us women can be a bit harsh on men in the bedroom, pouncing on any little mistake. It isnít fair really. We girls should take some the pressure off the men in our life once in a while.

It seems generally accepted that men should take care of the condom situation, but I say women should take their share of the responsible and use a female condom. Before I researched how they were used, they were a bit of a mystery; I thought it would be like sticking a windsock up inside you and then getting your partner to make love to it.

However, I was wrong; it turns out they are soft and comfortable for both partners and provide superior heat transfer and sensitivity. So now all you need to know is how to use oneÖhere is my step by step guide:

1.) Carefully open the condom package carefully; donít use your teeth, scissors or a knife, because thatís stupid (if you donít know why itís stupid, you definitely should not be having sex).

2.) You will see that the female condom has two rings. The outer ring covers the area around the opening of the vagina. The inner ring is used for insertion and to help hold the sheath in place during intercourse (if you donít like all this talk of rings, you should absolutely no be having sex).

3.) While holding the Female condom at the closed end, grasp the flexible inner ring and squeeze it with the thumb and second or middle finger so it becomes long and narrow. Now gently insert the flexible inner ring into the vagina and move into position.

4.) Right girls, now youíre gonna have to put your index finger up in there (and donít complainÖyou expect your boyfriend to put his penis up in there donít you?) to push the condom up as far as it will go. Make sure the sheath is not twisted and that the outer ring of the condom is outside the vagina.

5.) Youíre now good to go; gently guide your partnerís penis into the opening of the condom because if he enters in the side between the condom and the vaginal wall then you arenít protected against anything.

6.) To remove the Female condom, twist the outer ring and gently pull the condom out.

There you have it, so women you donít have any excuse to share your part of the condom responsibility, especially when I tell you that my ĎCondom of the Weekí is the Pasante Female Condom.