He’s touching you in all the right spots and she is kissing you in all the right places; it is shaping up to be a great night. You’re ready; they’re ready and all of a sudden BBBBBRRRRRUUUMMMGGGGGUUUUURRRR!!!

“Is that thunder?” Your partner asks.

“Err yeah…thunder?” You reply.

You get back to business; after the mysterious burst of ‘thunder’ it’s going to take some time to build things back up again. After ten minutes of kissing and petting of the heavy kind it’s business time and BBBBBRRRRRUUUMMMGGGGGUUUUURRRR!!!

“What is that?” Your partner wonders aloud.

“Well its thunder isn’t it” you say with a few beads of sweat forming on your upper lip.

“But it’s sunny outside…look” your lover declares by pulling open the curtains, revealing a beautiful blue sky with not a single cloud in sight.

“I’m gonna have to move the bed away from the window” You mumble under your breath.

“What’s that baby?” They ask.

“Nothing, nothing”


“There it is again” They say, bending over the side of the bed to look under it.

I’m going to have to stop letting you watch detective shows, thanks to CSI every idiot thinks they can be a top-notch investigator. You think to yourself. BBBBBRRRRRUUUMMMGGGGGUUUUURRRR!!!

“What is that? It’s so loud” You had no idea you were about to bed freaking Miss Marple.

“IT’S ME ALRIGHT…I’M SO HUNGRY” you shout, unable to take the naked investigators interrogations any longer. It was such a surprise going from certain sex to Spanish Inquisition in 5 minutes, you cracked under the pressure.

Yep it happens to all of us, that moment when you are about to have sex and a tummy rumble resembling the noise of falling boulders interrupts everything. You spied a banana on the way to the bedroom, but you didn’t think you would have time to eat it. Well worry no more I have found the solution to sex-ruining hunger and it is so simple…edible underwear! If you’re getting a bit hungry during foreplay or during the act pretend you’re going down to nuzzle the nether regions and have a little snack on the tasty undergarments, keeping the roaring mood-ruining monster that is your stomach quiet.

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