No matter where we go these days we are confronted by sex, whether it is in a suggestive sausage advert or turning on the TV and watching the umpa lumpas from Geordie Shore eating face (I can take the p**s because I am a Geordie, but I am not orange, an idiot or riddled with disease). So anyway, we are confronted by sex wherever we go so it seems strange to say that many people are suffering from a low sex-drive.

While it’s safe to say sex is not the be-all and end-all of a relationship it is rather important; nothing will hurt the security of a relationship like a low libido will. It will cause insecurity in your partner and low self esteem with yourself. But if you do have a low sex drive you don’t have to put up with it. There are certain factors that contribute to a low sex drive so listen up while I tell you what they are so you know what to avoid.

• Obesity: In overweight men the fat cells produce the female hormone oestrogen, which reduces sex drive. So put down the fork and get on the treadmill.
• Stress: Everyone is so busy and stressed they don’t make time for sex. So leave work at the office now and then and go home and engage in an entirely different kind of ‘business time’.
• Lack of Sleep: Having too little sleep is one of the biggest killers of sex drive so get to bed early a couple of nights a week so you can stay up late the rest of the week.
• Alcohol: Too much alcohol can permanently affect the libido, and not in a good way. An orange juice every now and then has more benefits than just as one of your ‘5-a-day’ if you know what I’m saying.
• Depression: One of the leading hallmarks of depression is a low sex-drive, however anti-depressant medications also have an adverse effect on sex drive. Don’t be shy and visit your doctor to see what can be done to improve the situation.
• Poor Diet: Processed foods are not good for the health in general; they can make you feel sluggish and poorly. Get some good fresh food in you and you will be raring to go.

So follow the advice above and you will be gagging for it, but before you hop in the sack, don’t be silly and wrap your willy. Yes that is right it is time for ‘Condom of the Week’. This week I have chosen the Protex 002 Non-Latex; it is one of the world’s thinnest non-latex condom and is made from a material that transfers much more heat during sex than latex. So get that car out of park and get it into drive.