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The over 50ís fail to use condoms

In 2010 the Family Planning Association launched its first ever sexual awareness campaign aimed at the over 50ís age group. It was designed to get older people to think about using a condom, due to the increase in the number of STIís spreading amongst the older generation.

Compared to the under 25ís though, the diagnoses of STIís in the over 50ís age group is much lower- however this is because less people over the age of 50 are aware of the need to get tested for STIís- heightening the need for anyone of this age group to protect themselves by using a condom.

Itís believed that the reason behind the rising spread of STIís amongst the over 50ís is because more couples are getting divorced than ever before. Coupled with the rising trend and acceptance of the internet dating scene, more and more people in this age group are having sex with a new partner, and are leaving themselves venerable to sexually transmitted diseases.

It can also be attributed to the fact that the over 50ís are not always aware that they need to use condoms when they are sexually active with a new partner, even if the woman has gone through the menopause and there is no risk of her getting pregnant.

Dr Indranil a consultant at the NHS Fife has said that he often sees older patients at his sexual health practice, but despite their age they are often more naive than the younger generation. "We've had instances where parents have been nudged into the clinic by their childrenĒ he said. Often the children are more informed on the importance of using ultra thin condoms because they get their information on sexual health from the media, or their school or college.

In some cases older people also let their embarrassment get in the way of buying Durex condoms too, however at Funky Condom itís easy and embarrassment free to buy condoms online. When you buy a condom online from Funky Condom it will be dispatched to your preferred delivery address within 24 hours and will arrive in plain packaging, so no one will need to know that you are keeping your body safe.

Condom distribution sparks outrage at Oxford University

A study carried out by Oxford Universityís student newspaper, Cherwell has unveiled some alarming results, which prompted a backlash from some students.

The study found that many of the colleges at the universities gave away free Durex condoms, flavoured condoms, pleasure enhancing condoms such as the dotted and ribbed varieties, dental dams and personal lubricant to students as a way of promoting safe sex.

It was not the colleges providing free contraceptives that caused the controversy, but the fact that the condoms were distributed in the Freshers packs. Hubert MacGreevey, the Social Secretary of Newman Society, has dubbed the distribution of the flavoured and pleasure enhancing condoms as Ďimmature and sillyí, as well as Ďinappropriate and insensitiveí.

MacGreevey told the student rag that despite supporting most of Oxford Universities Student Unionís welfare measures ĎPutting a condom in Freshers packs is shocking and unnecessary. It is like saying that part of the Freshers Week experience is getting laid.í

Aidan Hempson-Jones, male Welfare Rep for New College has defended the distribution of free condoms to students. He counteracted ĎAnything that promotes safe sex is obviously good. Having dotted and ribbed condoms makes it more likely that people will come and get condoms from us, and therefore more likely that they are having safe sex, so that is a good thing.í

With the spread of STIís in the under 25ís rapidly rising, using a condom has become increasingly important. When condoms are used correctly they are the most effective way to protect against sexually transmitted infections, as well as unwanted pregnancy.

Research has shown that many young people are often too embarrassed to buy condoms in shops, or get them from their doctor. Itís estimated that 25% of people having unprotected sex cite being too embarrassed to buy condoms as the reason why, running the risk of picking up STIís such as Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and herpes.

If you want to protect your body without the embarrassment factor the ideal solution is to buy condoms online instead. For a wide range of branded condoms and a discreet service visit
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