We have all become so busy; life is no longer measured by how happy we are or how contented we are in our lives. Instead it is measured by the amount of cash in our pockets and quality of possessions we have; we have all become so busy chasing the almighty dollar that we collapse into bed at night exhausted. Where am I going with this you ask? When do I get to the naughty stuff? Just bear with me.

In these busy lifestyles Ďití has become the ultimate dirty word: FORPLAY! And this makes FAKING IT a key skill to have on the resume. Youíre not gonna stuff a chicken while itís still running around the farmyard (at least Iíd hope not), youíre not going to slide down the firemanís pole if there is no fire (well for funzies you might but the station master will be pissed at you) and youíre not gonna park your car in the garage without opening the garage door first (if you do youíre an idiot and will probably go through a lot of garage doors and front bumpers). Is that enough forplay related innuendos/analogies for you? It should be.

As the song by Denise LaSalle goes you got to ĎLick it before you stick itĒ. Itís not like sex is in the movies you know; one quick snog and youíre at it on the stairs. If you try to do it like that, it will be like throwing an uncooked sausage into a sandpit (I love analogies I do). I donít care if youíre all super, mega busy out there, make time for foreplay or donít even bother having sex. Get out the lubricants and spend a bit of time touching a teasing each other. Get a taste sensation going and try a flavoured lubricant for a little bit of licking; try the JO H20 Watermelon lubricant. It is magically delicious!!