Now Iím no fuddy duddy (obviously, otherwise I wouldnít be writing a blog about sex) and during my 27 years I have lived a little and experimented now and then. You can read into that what you will, but I have never been one for drugs; I donít drink and Iím not even that keen on Aspirin. The song ĎJust Say Noí by tragic overdose victim, Zammo, and his Grange Hill chums must have really got to me.

It is not just that itís an insanely stupid thing to do, it is also because you never see a well-rounded and healthy looking drug addict, do you? Step forward alleged winner and tiger blood enthusiast, Charlie Sheen or sour-faced, permanently dirty looking Lindsey Lohan. Clean up your act Charlie, you have children and prostitutes to support. And Lindsey just cleanÖyourself, maybe start with a bath or something.

However, I know there is a temptation, especially for young idiots, to experiment with drugs, but there is a reason why they call it dope. Cannabis use can cause panic attacks, paranoia and memory loss. Also I have been informed that it causes a massive case of the munchies; fat, greasy slobbery could be a particularly unattractive by-product of excessive cannabis use. No one (usually) wants to get down and dirty with a fat, greasy stoner. Yes people want to get down and dirty but they donít want to come away with the sticky greasy transfer that coats the stonerís skin. Stoner sex is likely to be the safest sex there is because they arenít actually having any.

So satisfy your curiosity and have safe sex at the same time with Blowdom Cannabis Flavoured Condoms. Not only is it the worlds only cannabis inspired condom but it is also extremely safe.

So donít end up like Zammo, Just Say No!!