It is a strange thing to ask, but the raunchy novels you associate with your nan (gross I know) might be having a negative impact on your love life. According to the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, steamy stories like those from Mills and Boon should come with a health warning. The journal article claims that romance novels are somewhat to blame for unprotected sex, unwanted pregnancies, unrealistic sexual expectations and relationship breakdowns. I assume they have caused a catastrophic increase in the cases of burning loins, particularly in barns.

In the latest edition of the journal, psychologist Susan Quilliam says that in the more standard romance novels sees the “heroine being rescued from danger by the hero, and then abandoning herself joyfully to a life of intercourse-driven multiple orgasms and endless trouble-free pregnancies in order to cement their marital devotion"…completely unrealistic.

According to Quilliam, a large number of issues seen in therapy rooms are influenced by romantic fiction. She believes that romantic fiction readers are more likely to ignore rationality in favour or romanticism…idiots. This could lead readers not to use contraceptive because they wan to get swept up in the moment.

I know the topless landscaper rarely (if ever) pauses to put on a condom before he takes the frustrated golf widow in the rough, but it’s just silly not to wrap up your willy. So don’t be like Stavros, the STD riddled landscaper and use a condom. This leads us on to the regular feature, ‘Condom of the Week’ and this week I have went for EXS Max Protection Condoms - Not only do they offer you extra protection, they are also completely odourless for a more pleasant and less distracting experience.