Finally it seems like some of you guys out there are no longer being silly and wrapping up your willy and some of you gals are no longer pulling stupid stunts and protecting your…well you know where I’m going with that. Earlier this week the Health Protection Agency announced that, for the first time in a decade, there has been a drop in the number of new sexually transmitted infections in England.

Hurray, you dirty dogs are finally being a little bit more responsible instead of dipping your dipstick in any old oil well without even wiping it off or knowing the last time the oil was changed (how is that for a metaphor). The Health Protection Agency says although the reduction is small - only 1% down from the 424,782 cases diagnosed in 2009 - it is still a significant step in the right direction.

So down to the nitty gritty…here are the stats:

• CHLAMYDIA: For the first time in a decade the rates of Chlamydia remain stable with 189,612 newly diagnosed cases last year. Additionally, more young people aged 15-24 were going in for Chlamydia screening with 2.2million being carried out in England last year, an increase of 196,500 from the previous year.

• GENITAL WARTS: New cases of genital warts were down by 3%...good news because that s**t is with you for life.

• SYPHILIS: Cases of one of the more exotic STIs, syphilis were down a pretty impressive 8% on the previous year.

• GONORRHOEA and HERPES: Unfortunately levels for both of these STIs were up in 2010. Gonorrhoea went up by 3% from 15,978 diagnoses in 2009 to 16,531 in 2010 and genital herpes increased by 8% from 27,564 to 29,703.

Unsurprisingly, young people under the age of 25 remain the group experiencing the highest rates of STIs overall.To reduce the risk of STIs, experts (and myself) advise using a condom when having sex with a new partner for the first time and continue to do so until both parties have been screened.

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