During times of intimacy, at one time or another you’re sure to have heard the words ‘Oh God…Oh God…Oh God’. If you have never heard those words (or some like it) before then, oh dear! Anyway, as it turns out it seems that God has nothing to do with it baby.

A recent study, carried out by independent researcher and psychologist Dr. Darrel Ray, has claimed that religious people have a poorer sex life than us atheists. Apparently during the study Dr. Ray found that the sex lives of religious people are influenced by guilt, causing their sex lives being unfulfilling compared to non-religious people.

Dr. Ray conducted an online survey (not the most reliable scientific method I have to say…you know what kind of are on the internet) of 14,500 people asking about their sex lives (pervert…just kidding). The participants were mainly atheist or formerly religious individuals who grew up in secular homes. No participants were religious before the study.

The results of the study revealed that almost 50% people claimed that there was an improvement in their sex-lives after they had turned their backs on their religious ways. The study was inspired by the personal experiences of Dr. Ray who abandoned his fundamentalist Christian background and found an improvement in his own sex life. He carried out the study to figure out if there were others with similar experience.

Although the evidence seems convincing, I’m not sure I believe it to be true. It seems to me it could be that Dr. Ray has a problem with religion and the effect it can have on people’s life. So if you are religious, don’t feel guilty about enjoying a healthy sex life. Check out all the products we have available for couples to improve their sex lives and remember if there is a God, he is sure to approve of something as good as sex.