As anyone who knows me will testify, I’m a clumsy moron; I can trip over the air and walk into a door that is being help open for me, while being guided safely through it. I have also burnt my forehead with the iron trying to see if steam is coming out of it. The head-butting incident with the iron left me with a rather prominent triangular shape burn on my forehead, during a period I liked to cut my own hair. It was a disaster up there.

So you’re probably not surprised when I say that it’s a nerve wracking experience taking the razor to the special places when landscaping is required. And ladies it is required for us all, it’s not the 70’s anymore…afros are out! Just like I wouldn’t risk taking a hedge trimmer to the garden bushes to create an intricate bush sculpture, in case I inadvertently took off an arm, I also wouldn’t try and sculpt an intricate design downstairs in case I took off a…well you get the picture.

Luckily, at present, as long as I keep a clean house my boyfriend doesn’t particularly feel the need to see a lightening bolt, unicorn or Elvis down there. But in case he changes his mind one day or I would like something a wee bit different I have figured out the perfect solution…do your landscaping and manscaping together. Get some of the lovely Sliquid intimate shaving lotions, such as the delightful
Sliquid Smooth Honeydew Cumcumber and have a little bit of fun in the tub and get creative at the same time. Other delicious flavours include grapefruit and thyme and spring blossom and they are suitable for all skin types even sensitive.

I had better keep the plasters and Savlon nearby just in case.