Have you seen that TV show, where some pompous nutritionist spends an hour yelling at some poor soul who only eats spaghetti hoops or Worchestershire sauce flavour crisps? Leave them alone you awful people; let them eat what they want and for Godís sake stop doing weird things with their poop.

However, it does somewhat annoy me that people will eat all sorts junk as part of their diet yet they will refuse to pleasure their partners orally, with some ridiculous claim that it is disgusting and dirty. You have just spent to day eating your own weight in lard and sugar and you think oral sex is disgusting? That is crazy fool nonsense. Oral sex is a great way to explore your partners and your own desires and what really turns you on; whatís disgusting about that?

Of course you should be safe during oral sex, but the taste of latex is not one of the nicer tastes the world has to offer and I will admit that this can be a bit off putting. So I recommend that during your oral adventures you use
EXS Mixed Flavour Condoms. They come in 8 flavours tongue tingling flavours: Orange Soda, Blueberry Muffin, Banana Shake, Hot Chocolate, Strawberry Sundae, Cool Mint, Crazy Cola and Ice Cream, and in that lot there has to be something to please any freaky or picky eater. Bon Appetit.