“Oh fantastic, another chocolate egg”

If you didn’t detect sarcasm in that statement, let me reassure you it is in fact there…by the bucket load. The long weekend is great, but the boring chocolate eggs that a forced down our throats from the 1st of January until it is finally over defies belief. Every year you know what to expect, and while you enjoy the chocolate egg while you are stuffing it down your throat, it certainly isn’t something that is memorable, moments after you have wiped the chocolate mess from around your mouth.

However, there is still time to make it up to your beloved. Quickly get yourself the Chocolate CloneAWilly kit and make your other half an exact, solid chocolate mould of your penis. Perhaps it would be best to mould your penis when you are ‘standing to attention’, it will make the whole thing more aesthetically pleasing and there will be a lot more chocolate.

The benefits are there for you too; if you think your partner could improve her performance by increasing her ‘oral exams’, so to speak, get them to do some ‘revision’ on the chocolate replica. Just be prepared for it’s gonna be so delicious, they may be tempted to bite…you certainly don’t want to encourage a precedent for that now do you?