A doctor in Pennsylvania, clearly thought this saying had been over-used and decided to come up with his own.

The weight-loss doctor had some rather unusual advice for his patients who wanted to lose weight quickly. The chubby-chasing doctor told his patients he would have sex with them in his office and each orgasm they had would burn 200 calories (bit confident in his abilities don’t you think?). I once heard that you burn more calories vacuuming than you do having sex, but he wasn’t suggesting that to his patients was he? I notice he also didn’t suggest the women orchestrated their orgasms by themselves.

Dr. Arie Oren, 64, allegedly groped female patients with his hands and an electric massager. Suspicious patients informed the authorities and he was arrested on charges of aggravated indecent assault and indecent assault. He will be expected to deliver a whole other kind of orgasm a day in prison…that’s karma bitch.

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