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Condoms have been used and trusted as a method of contraception for centuries, but it is only in the last hundred years, with the developments in modern technology and manufacturing techniques like those used in Trojan condoms that they have become the first choice of men all over the world for contraceptive protection. Trojan condoms provide reassuring protection against the risk of sexually transmitted disease, as well as guarding against unplanned pregnancy, without compromising on comfort and satisfaction.


Trojan Magnum condoms for the well endowed man.


Americans are known for their love of big portions and supersizing and Trojan have taken this to heart in producing condoms to suit any size. Trojan Magnum condoms provide gratification, without compromising on safety, for the more well-endowed man. Up to 30% larger than standard condoms, Trojan Magnum condoms provide larger men with the same level of protection and comfort as the rest of the condoms in the range. † Men who require Trojan Magnum condoms need not compromise on satisfaction. The Trojan Magnum range includes many of the different condoms available in the regular Trojan range designed not just for safety but enhanced pleasure for both partners. Why not try Fire and Ice dual lubricated condoms or Trojan Magnum Twister condoms, for sexy new sensations next time you spend a night in with your partner. †


Why buy condoms online?


According to research by Trojan, the average condom purchase in a shop takes just seven seconds, although for most purchasers it feels like it lasts for a lot longer. Buying Trojan condoms online is the easiest way to buy, allowing you to take your time and purchase what you really want. With an extensive range of condoms online, find the size, style and shape to suit all your needs. When you buy condoms online it gives you both convenience and protection so get condoms online today. †

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Trojan Magnum Condoms
Trojan Magnum Condoms
Trojan Magnum Condoms
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