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Skins Condoms: Available at Funky Condom

Wearing a condom is one of the most effective ways of guarding against the risk of sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy, and at Funky Condom, you can buy condoms online from us with the minimum of fuss. Skins condoms are a UK-based condom brand that prides itself on using quality materials to provide as close to a natural feeling as possible. Apparently just like a second skin, Skins condoms are manufactured from premium quality latex, making them thinner than other condom brands whilst still giving you protection.

Buying Skins condoms online from Funky Condom

To negate the latex smell normally associated with a condom, Skins condoms are infused with a pleasant vanilla scent, and are extra lubricated to improve comfort both for him and for her. The special manufacturing processes employed mean that the lubricant “migrates” further down the condom to reduce friction, which along with jewellery catching and fingernails, is one of the leading causes of condoms splitting in use.

Different types of Skins condoms online

Skins condoms are available in a variety of different styles:
  • Skins Natural: “Just like the real thing”, Skins Natural Condoms are made with premium quality clear-looking latex, and infused with a vanilla scent.
  • Skins Dots n Ribs Condoms: Condoms with strategically placed ribs and dots for both his and her pleasure.
  • Skins Ultra Thin: All the characteristics of Skins Natural Condoms, but even thinner.
  • Skins Black Choc: Condoms with a pleasant chocolatey taste.
  • Skins Extra Large: Based on considerable market research, Skins Extra Large condoms are designed to be a perfect fit for the well endowed man.
If you’re not sure which ones to choose, then Funky Condom can help you out with that. You can buy condoms online from us in variety packs that contain a mixture of different types of Skins condom, saving you the effort of having to choose which Skins condom you want.
Skins Condoms: “Like a second skin”
Skins condoms are designed to be as strong as other leading condom brands and are made from super thin quality latex materials for extra sensitivity. With Skins condoms, you know that you’ll still be protected without having to compromise on comfort, leaving as little between you and your partner as possible.
Buy a condom online today: Funky Condom
When you buy a condom online from us, you save yourself the hassle of having to go to a shop to buy condoms. You can take your time to figure out which condoms you actually want without having to feel awkward or rushed, and with the huge range of condoms online that you can choose from here at Funky Condom, you can buy condoms online with no fuss. There’s free delivery on all condoms and condom products, and items are shipped discreetly in plain packaging. This means that when you buy a condom online from Funky Condom, it really is the easiest and most convenient way to buy condoms online.
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Skins Flavoured Condoms
Skins Flavoured Condoms
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Skins Flavoured Condoms
Skins Natural Condoms
Skins Natural Condoms
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Skins Natural Condoms
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