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Pasante Condoms have tried to push the boundaries of pleasure whilst keeping you safe. Based in the UK, Pasante have been making condoms and condom products for more than ten years and at FunkyCondom we’re pleased to be able to offer you their complete condom range.

Pasante condoms offer the largest range of condom varieties of any UK condom manufacturer, including flavoured condoms, king size condoms, ultra thin condoms and even glow in the dark condoms. Pasante Unique are supposedly the world’s thinnest condom, so if you’re after ultra thin condoms, look no further. Made from a super thin non-latex resin, Pasante’s ultra thin condoms provide you with the same protection as regular condoms without compromising on comfort.

Pasante don’t just make ultra thin condoms though. With a reputation for innovation, they were the first UK condom company to offer a kite-marked glow in the dark condom, as well as a kite-marked condom for females. With over 22 different condoms to choose from, the majority of which we stock here at Funky Condom, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you.

Pasante even offer condoms that are infused with a special lubricating ingredient that can help to delay climax and help you last longer.
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