Pasante Mixed Flavoured Condoms
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Pasante Mixed Flavoured Condoms

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Pasante Mixed Flavoured Condoms

Add some delicious new flavours to your sexual menu with these tasty flavoured condoms from Pasante. With four fun varieties to choose from, there is a flavour to suit every mood. Perhaps when you’re feeling fruity, you’ll want to reach for the Strawberry Crush or maybe you’ll prefer Blueberry Blast?

Chocoholics will want to give Chocolate Temptation a try. And for a truly refreshing experience, Mint Tingle will get your heart racing and wake up your taste buds. All four flavours come in a corresponding colour (red, blue, brown and green), bringing a new element of fun into the bedroom.

As well as tasting delicious, these condoms smell great too. And as they are made by the UK’s leading condom brand Pasante, they provide extremely high levels of protection. They are rigorously safety tested and meet strict UK and international standards. Order Pasante Mixed Flavoured Condoms today and indulge all your senses.

All condoms expire 2-5 years from date of purchase.

    •    LENGTH: 190mm
    •    WIDTH: 52mm
    •    MATERIAL: Latex
    •    BRAND: Pasante
    •    Flavour: Mint Tingle, Strawberry Crush, Blueberry Blast, Chocolate Temptation
    •    COLOUR: Various colours  
    •    TEXTURE: Smooth
    •    LUBRICATED: Yes
    •    THICKNESS: 0.07mm
    •    RESERVOIR TIP: Yes


LENGTH 190mm
WIDTH 52mm
COLOUR Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana, Mint, Chocolate and Vanilla
BRAND Pasante
THICKNESS 0.065 mm


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Pasante Mixed Flavoured Condoms

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