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Condom styles


Condoms have come a long way from their primitive beginnings. Luckily for us the effort and technology that goes into designing the perfect condom means that not only do we now have condoms that give great protection against the risks of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections but we also have the most interesting and diverse range of condoms that have ever been available. These condoms aren’t just about protection, they’re about increasing pleasure and adding fun and variety to your sexual experiences.


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Condoms have been a trusted method of protection and contraception for hundreds of years but we’re guessing that most of those people were never lucky enough to have access to the incredible range of condom styles available today and we’re proud to offer a great selection for your enjoyment. As well as condoms from the more recognised brands such as Durex and EXS, we have also sought out some quality brands that might not yet be on your radar such as Mates SKYN no latex condoms, the first clinically proven condom made with polyisoprene, and others like Pasante condoms and Crown condoms. But we’re not all about the brand names, it’s what they do that counts and that’s why we also stock a fantastic range of flavoured condoms, sensation condoms, ultra thin condoms and even glow in the dark condoms. Condoms can provide great peace of mind so why not take your experience that little bit further and see what some of our great condoms can do for your lovemaking? There are even condoms that contain a special lubricant to make your lovemaking last longer than ever and delay ejaculation, maximising pleasure for both you and your partner. 


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When you buy condoms online from us, you’ll be amazed at the wealth of choice of condoms we have to offer. We offer an extensive range of condoms not just designed for safety, but designed with pleasure in mind for both you and your partner. With us you can buy condoms online that help to stimulate and satisfy, from ultra thin condoms and extra sensitive condoms to love rings and latex free condoms for those who are allergic to latex materials. 


Why buy a condom online?


Buying a condoms in a shop can sometimes be an awkward affair but by visiting an online store like FunkyCondom you can peruse our broad range of condoms and find that special something that is just what you were looking for.

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